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Transportation and Traffic PDF چاپ نامه الکترونیک
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Transportation and Traffic

Nowadays, with the widespread use of private cars and the growth of population in major cities, and even in medium-sized cities, the effects of traffic, such as environmental pollution (air and noise pollution) and traffic accidents, Give traffic studies an important role in a urban studies

Aavand-e Tarh-o Andishesh Company founded with the aim of providing consultancy services in various fields related to transportation, traffic and road facilities and hopes to use its experts in the following areas in order to do its duty to solve problems of urban traffic

(Modeling the demand (production, attraction, distribution, modal split

(Logistic model (location, routing, supply chain, etc

(Modeling of passenger traffic behavior (route selection,vehicle choice, etc

Dynamic models of transportation

Evaluation and modeling of network reliability in a variety of transportation networks

Design of public and semi-public and private transport networks

Linear and nonlinear modeling Taxi

Evaluate the service quality of all types of transport systems

Providing solutions to long-term, intermediate-term planning on railway lines, LRT, subway and BRT

Supply and demand management to improve service quality of real-time transportation system

Planning of road safety


This consulting company is going to develop efficient modeling soft wares in order to localize them to improve the modeling of transportation systems (such as the Taxi system) and its results

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