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Road and Safety PDF چاپ نامه الکترونیک
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Studies and implementation plans of Road construction projects are the most important part of designing and studying activities in this consulting company. This can be defined and planned in all phases of a feasibility study (Phase zero), the initial plans (Phase One), executive projects (Phase two) and executive supervision. This consulting company uses the experience and expertise of its project managers and experts for optimal plans in all areas of economic and executive fields of projects. Main activities of this consulting company in the field of design and studies of road construction include the following

Feasibility Study (Phase Zero): Includes routing and route designing, design horizontal and vertical arcs, hydrology and hydraulic studies, land acquisition and allocation scheme Privacy

Executive Projects (Phase II): contains an executable plan, longitudinal profiles, cross sections, estimated volumes, Earthworks, pavement design, design of horizontal and vertical signs, drainage projects


Studies and designing of interchanges

Studies and geometric correction of access roads and intersections


Each year more than 1 million people worldwide are killed due to road accidents and over 50 million people are injured. Based on official statistics in 1385 more than 27000 people were killed and more than 270000 people were injured in road accidents of Iran. This causes heavy costs for society and economic situation of country. Estimating the cost of accidents in 1386 shows that the cost of dying our people in accidents almost equals to 7 percent of the country's gross domestic product

Aavand-e Tarh-o Andisheh Consulting Engineers knows it as its duty to reduce accidents and save lives and property of the citizens by using its experts. We are proud to announce that this company works in areas related to transportation and traffic safety in the country to improve health and safety

A list of the company's activities focus on safety is presented below

A comprehensive study of traffic safety

Identify Dangerous areas

Analysis of effects and economic evaluation of safety projects

Road safety inspections and visits

Education and improving the Culture of traffic

Training courses in Traffic Safety Management and Engineering

Formation of accidents database using new soft wares

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