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Training Courses PDF چاپ نامه الکترونیک
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Training Courses

The most important pillar of development at individual, organizational, social aspects of society is education, which causes construction and improvement of human being`s life

Education as one of the vertices of the traffic triangle is particularly important in promoting and improving the culture of traffic. Information and awareness on this issue from the perspective of the type of training and different target groups, need different ways to achieve the possible purpose in long-term period

There are some soft wares in the field of transportation and traffic that according to their own abilities and specifications, make the planning and designing easier and more accurate. That makes the learning of these soft wares so important

In order to participate in this important purpose, Avand-e Tarh-o Andisheh Company does its best to educate and stabilize the knowledge in Transportation Engineers` minds


The “Vision Traffic Suite software” training courses are offered by the company. The other courses will be announced soon by the company too

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